Jobable x Asia Miles Giveaway

Go The Extra Mile

Jobable 200,000 Asia Miles Giveaway is an Asia Miles giveaway contest organised by the Jobable marketing team. Our goals are building brand reputation and collecting participants’ CV to expand our user base. The campaign really matters to Jobable, said by the Marketing Manager, I was commissioned to create beautiful campaign site and advertising banners.

Campaign Website

The website is where people first get to know the campaign. No matter you are a local Chinese or English speaker, you are welcomed to join.


I read through the copies provided by the marketing team and made few suggestions on the Chinese one. Then I outlined the information hierarchy and picturized elements on paper. Building website with Webflow on my first time, all things were done in a fly (call me fast learner 😎). I also setup SEO stuff, Open Graph to ensure it is shareable on social media.

mock 2


Sadly, the Head of UI/UX had privately made another version based on my UI. With the form on the top and prizes at the bottom, he claimed CTA deserves the highest importance; on the contrary, my design is telling a “story” by stating the background, incentives, instructions before asking users to provide information to us. Another concern is performance:

4 seconds of waiting time drops 40% of users.

The form plugin which used by the marketing team unavoidably took at least 6 seconds to load. Leave the section at the bottom can definitely buy users few more seconds.

I thought I was the only one to work on and be told to let people vote them at the last minute, which made me so surprised, stressful and felt being distrusted. Fortunately, my design had majority preferred as expected, but no matter who won the vote, it is unethical and not the right time to have competition before the launch.

The loading animation on desktop

The website is fully responsive with the selected key visual on one of the banner ads. The button “Enter Now” gives visitors quick access to the form plugin.

If you are interested to watch in real, visit Jobable 200,000 Asia Miles Giveaway.

Ad Banners

Draft Design for Proposal

Early in the planning stage, I had already assisted on creating 3 sets of banner ads with independent marketing and design direction. These banners are mainly used as Google ads, Facebook ads and Facebook posts.

Draft design in proposal stage
Draft design in proposal stage
Finalised Design

After the partnership with Asia Miles had been confirmed, I continued with the banner ads, reviewing copies, sourcing photos and creating proper designs. Since creating marketing materials are out of my duties, I was responsible for the first set bilingual and the second set Chinese version only.

螢幕快照 2017-08-05 下午9.15.50.png
All done with my favourite graphic design tool – Affinity Designer

At last, I created 66 images in different dimension and orientation and tested them in actual size on the screen one by one. All designs had been reviewed by Asia Miles to ensure it aligns with the brand guideline.

螢幕快照 2017-08-05 下午10.23.37
Set 1 Design (Chinese / English) – Facebook Ad
1200x628 (Facebook)
Set 2 Design (Chinese) – Facebook Ad Size
Product Owner Work at Jobable
Campaign Site Jobable 200,000 Asia Miles Giveaway
Services UI Design, Graphic Design, Website Development
Deliverables Responsive campaign website, Google Ad banners, Facebook Ads