TVB eNews Website

TVB developed a news platform providing entertainment news and behind-the-scenes to promote their dramas and actors in the air.

Apart from the mobile app — 娛樂 GUIDE (formerly eNews), the old website is also ready to re-design and take visitors to the next level. During the development of the eNews app, TVB asked us to give the site a new look. Compared with the old design, the new site emphasises their production studios, which shows TVB as a leading production company in Asia.

The old website

I quickly analysed the site and found two usability issues hidden in the old design:

  • Contents are broken up into many blocks, it lacks focus and makes scrolling difficult;
  • Informative but packed

As my client didn’t have any identity guidelines on the product, I came up with few visuals based on their fundamental requirements.

Design A

Colours of a production studio: dark grey (background, backstage) with vibrant yellow (ambient light), with accordion banners featuring content from a corresponding studio.

Design B

Vibrant look with cards UI

Design C

Clean grid layout with production buildings




Design lead: UI design