FindDoc Video Consultation Landing

Filling the missing piece of the marketing landing page. FindDoc launched the video consultation (VC) service since the pandemic outbreak. Patients can receive a remote diagnosis, medication, and COVID-19 testing at home. We had launched the service’s landing page for two months, but there were signs that few patients made appointments or read the page. It… Continue reading FindDoc Video Consultation Landing

Beyond Smart Cities

A STEM learning platform integrated various interactive activities to learn programming, advanced technologies and problem solving skills through real projects.

101 Creative Pack Website Redesign

Web design and development for NetDragon’s VR/AR education solutions. Visit the page 👉 NetDragon 101 Creative Pack CompanyCherrypicks, NetDragonMy RoleManager, Design and User ExperiencePlatformWebsiteResponsibilitiesInformation architecture designWebsite design and development on WordPressTranslation and localization

Jobable Job Board Redesign

A complete redesign of the job board platform with the new content and design strategy based on demographics. Jobable had launched the job board site for two years. Still, its original design and content of the website left an unprofessional impression on first-time visitors. Also, it was only available in English, making it difficult for… Continue reading Jobable Job Board Redesign


A journey building a breaking news and location based alerts reader on mobile app and instant messengers. People prefer to choose news that applies to their interest and own lives nowadays. Some may read news from multiple places, but no matter which news source we pick, we cannot gather and read all news articles in… Continue reading UNews


Advertise on tvOS Player ATVPlayer is a white-label product from Zensis Limited. It is the first video Ad supported tvOS player SDK and already implemented on ViuTV tvOS app, which is one of the major TV broadcasters in Hong Kong. My job is to create sales and marketing driven portal site by outlining features and… Continue reading ATVPlayer

TVB eNews Website

TVB developed a news platform providing entertainment news and behind-the-scenes to promote their dramas and actors in the air. Apart from the mobile app — 娛樂 GUIDE (formerly eNews), the old website is also ready to get re-designed and take visitors to the next level. During the development of the eNews app, TVB asked us to give the… Continue reading TVB eNews Website