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FindDoc launched the video consultation (VC) service amid the pandemic outbreak. Patients can receive a remote diagnosis, medication, and COVID-19 testing at home. We had launched the service’s landing page two months, but there were signs that few patients made appointments or read the page. It is because the page did not provide sufficient information to enhance trust in the service. FindDoc was looking for a quick and easy way to improve the situation while not affecting the ongoing cooperation and promotion.

Project Goals

Goal 1: Restructure the landing page’s content and let people understand the service before you delve into the appointment.

Goal 2: Analyze, write and design the missing pieces and consider the difficulty and effort in developing them.


A long list of booking time slots plus infinite scrolling made the page long and hard to reach the content underneath. While it should not work that way, we have changed nothing this time. The new content and sections will make the page even longer, so navigation was a significant challenge.

Long booking timeslot list
Long booking time slot list

Design Audit and Content Analysis

Video consultation is unquestionably new for Hong Kongers, and customers may have various doubts about it. However, the only information visitors could get from the landing page was an oversimplified icon flowchart, a FAQ at the bottom and a “Learn More” button on the top area that took visitors to a long, outdated news article.

According to Hotjar, many rage clicks show visitors have given up scrolling when they could not find helpful information related to their concerns.

Before: the Learn More button and the flowchart on the hero section
Before: the Learn More button and the flowchart on the hero section

To address these issues, I listed the following actions:

  • A brief introduction
  • Benefits of video consulting
  • The more detailed flowchart
  • Affiliation of doctors
  • Semantic headings and metadata for SEO
  • New tracking requirement
  • Last but not least, a complete translation

Content Research and Copywriting

I familiarised myself with past press releases, media coverage, social posts, articles. Then I looked at the opinions of doctors and medical groups to sort out benefits, terms and popular search keywords used in the market, which guided me to write a persuasive and SEO friendly copy for the new content.

Hero Banner – Replaced with Succinct Copies

Since the pandemic was slowing down, we changed the tagline to target general patients over the COVID-19 test. Also, the copies are slightly slangy, e.g. “一剔過” (traditional) and “一点通” (simplified), to make it more attractive and show how fast and efficient VC is.

The “Learn More” button drove visitors away to a long press article, so we replaced and summarised it with just three key points. I have tried a 3 column icon-text layout to explain it, but we went for a more concise and short version so that the page won’t be too long.

Before and after of the hero section design
The edge of the blobs was also smoothen

How It Works – Filling The Missing Piece

The flowchart outlines the essential piece that new customers may look for – the general VC and COVID-19 test process, which they both have the remote diagnosis, but the test has more steps to go. On mobile, we replaced it into a readable, numbered list with two tabs switching between services.

Desktop and mobile version of the flowchart

Secondary Navigation

The new content makes the page longer and requires more scrolls to reach the doctor’s list. The situation is even worse on mobile. A secondary navigation bar lists all sections on the page; it is apparent and less hidden. Visitors can navigate to different areas and notice the prominent “Book Now” button anywhere. In the mobile, it does the same trick by collapsing the rest of the navigational items. The only downside is it stacked the navigation bar with other bars and overlays, leaving less space for the main content.

Desktop and mobile version of the secondary navigation bar

COVID-19 notice

COVID-19 Notice

The COVID-19 test is only available during the pandemic outbreak. Therefore, we showed it as a special notice to catch people’s attention while not mixing up with the general VC.

Media logos

I have added few more logos and a caption “Media Coverage” (傳媒報導) to enhance the credibility of the service.

Join Us

What if doctors or medical groups want to provide video consultation via FindDoc? They could find relevant information here.


After launching in two weeks, according to analytics from Google and Hotjar, the bounce rate slightly decreased, and visitors spent more time reading the content below the fold. However, the time slot buttons are too large (low data-ink ratio), the page can only show one doctor per scroll, which highly affects the interaction and readability of the page.


Desktop bounce rate


Mobile bounce rate

+1 min

Desktop session period

+2.2 min

Mobile session period

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