TVB eNews

Entertainment news platform, eNews (娛樂新聞, formerly 娛樂GUIDE) from TVB, delivers news and live programmes on mobile.

As the most prominent television broadcaster in Hong Kong, TVB builds a news platform exclusively for entertainment news, behind-the-scenes and live shows to get their productions and actors more exposure on the Internet.

Design Process

Requirements made at the beginning were simple and straightforward — displaying news feeds, but clients changed them so often for various reasons. The most challenging part was to adopt those changes with the least effort on development and design.

Site Map

News and blogs content

  • Display feeds from news, blogs, programmes and SNS updates;
  • News (videos) and blog articles are shareable;
  • We use a native video player. Therefore the player can only put a share button with the listing thumbnail.

Building a social platform for artists and fans

  • Allow users to follow, like or share artist’s social status;
  • Artist (authorised user) can post status through the app;
  • This is not implemented in the final design.

UI Design

Phase 1.0: some features are not implemented at last, but these are some of the screens designed based on requirements at that time:

Phase 1.1: live channels and other tweaks

The social part is not implemented. At last, live channels replaced it. User can preview the live programme details before the schedule. We changed the news layout from the large linear list to smaller grids. It increased data-ink so that user can view more content on the screen.


Title Type Design
App Icon Design Varients
RoleDesign Lead (Zensis): UX & UI
PlatformiOS and Android Mobile Apps