RTHK News App

RTHK, Hong Kong’s authorised broadcaster, seeks to create an inclusive news mobile app that caters to diverse user needs. The case study outlines the design process for the platform’s mobile app, focusing on two distinct viewing mode: multimedia mode and simple mode.

Target User Groups

  1. General public
  2. Low-vision users
  3. People with limited cellular data

Multimedia Mode: News Dashboard

The multimedia mode allow users to:

  • Browse multimedia content
  • Pin news tiles to the dashboard for quick access to news, articles, podcasts or radio channel
  • View live information, such as weather and traffic news at a glance
  • Rearrange, add or remove news tiles with a drag and drop interface

Design Guidelines

  • Interactive transitions
  • Filling up empty spaces with tiles
  • Ensuring consistent and intuitive user experience
News Dashboard
Instructions to remove and swap tiles.

Simple Mode: Universal Design for Accessibility

The simple mode is designed for low-vision users and those with limited data. It aims to meet the WCAG 2.0, Level AA.

Linear Layout: Streamlined Navigation

Low-vision users often take longer to make decisions while navigating the app. Presenting information linearly helps users understand the app’s flow and anticipate the result of their actions.

Detail guidelines on building universal design

Visibility and States: Consistent Action Buttons

Hiding elements that are not useful or in their current state can be problematic for low-vision users. Primary action buttons should remain consistent in size and position, making it easier for users to learn the app and remember the placement.

Conversion of information
Transformation of the homepage. Player button on the top right

Afterword: Striking a Balance

The two viewing modes cater to different user groups while maintaining a universally accessible design. Through careful balance, the platform ensures that both normal vision and vision-impaired users can navigate and understand the app effectively.

This case study demonstrates the importance of considering both accessibility and usability in UI/UX design, creating an intuitive experience for all users.

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ClientRadio Television Hong Kong
RoleDesign Lead (Zensis): UX & UI
PlatformiOS and Android Universal Apps

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