Affinity Designer 1.5 is out!

Affinity Designer is the best UI design and vector/pixel drawing tool I’ve ever had before Sketch came out.

Unlike Adobe family, it is programmed in new code base, 1,000,000% zoom level (that you couldn’t imagine it) in super fast rendering speed, and now Version 1.5 supports more UI design features like symbols, constraints and asset manager.

Can’t wait to try it!

Affinity Designer – Serif


最近我發現使用藝廊式排版的時尚網站愈來愈多。這類排版把文章分為多組圖文,並以藝廊 (gallery) 形式展示,對愛看圖片多於文字的時尚網站讀者無可厚非,但將文章解體,且要讀者手動跳頁的閱讀方式,令人感覺新鮮但欠實際。 花瓶般的藝廊式排版

TED: The worst-designed thing you’ve never noticed (Roman Mars)



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